• Investment Counselling
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

  • Investment Counselling
    We undertake to achieve the following objectives:
  • Capital preservation
  • Maintain a disciplined investment approach
  • Achieve a reasonable rate of return on investment
  • Match asset allocations to each client’s specific risk tolerance
  • Prepare and continue to monitor the client’s financial plan
  • Act independently with our client’s interests paramount
  • Portfolio Planning
    Our experienced portfolio management team is guided by three principles. Over time, we believe that, by adhering to these principles, we can optimize the risk-reward relationships inherent in financial markets.

  • Value - Research is based on fundamental analysis, undertaken with a focus on value. In our security selection process, we seek solid businesses with strong financial statements and management.

  • Diversification - Each portfolio is diversified to provide exposure to different geographical markets and different sectors of the global economy. Our objective is to provide consistent and superior returns while reducing risk.

  • Discipline - A quarterly review of each portfolio is undertaken to maintain the allocation of securities within specified ranges for each asset class (cash, income-producing, equities). We do not time the market but stay invested in all asset classes and all sectors of the economy.

    Team Based Portfolio Management
    The IAIC portfolio management team works together to review each security held and to explore new investment opportunities. The team meets bi-weekly to update our research and review macroeconomic trends and leading economic indicators. Each portfolio manager researches stocks in specific economic sectors but all investment decisions are made by consensus.

    We communicate our strategies regularly with our network of investment advisors, financial planners and accountants. Team members share information about global economic issues and company-specific research.

    Personalized Portfolios
    Each portfolio is customized to meet each client’s risk tolerances.

    After a comprehensive analysis of client objectives and needs, an investment plan is prepared with allocations of each asset class within a range. Portfolios are then constructed with income-producing securities (bonds, preferred shares and income trust units) combined with a blend of Canadian, US and International equities.

    In the initial stages of becoming an IAIC client, transition plans are put in place to mitigate tax liabilities and minimize fees associated with the disposition of any securities which do not fit our investment mandates.

    Your IAIC portfolio holds individual stocks and bonds. It is not co-mingled with a larger pool of funds.

    Maintaining and Building the Relationship with Each Client

    IAIC reviews each portfolio on a quarterly basis or more frequently if there are large cash infusions or withdrawals. We determine the relative performance of each asset class and adjust the portfolio to conform within specified ranges and each client’s risk tolerance. Keeping you informed of your portfolio status is key to maintaining our relationship. Our custodian provides monthly investment statements for each account. IAIC consolidates all of your household accounts into a client-friendly quarterly statement.

    IAIC ensures regular meetings are held with you to review any changes in your personal circumstances and to review the performance of your portfolio. When warranted, we work with you to modify your investment plan.

    Investment Mandates
    Each portfolio has four broad mandates:

  • Income - Income portfolios are constructed entirely from assets in the Income-Producing class (bonds, preferred shares and income trust units). These portfolios are suited for clients who require a stream of regular income.

  • Conservative - Conservative portfolios introduce a blend of Canadian, US and International equities but limit the total equity allocation to 30% of the total portfolio value. Conservative portfolios are suited for clients whose main objectives are capital preservation and maintaining the value of their assets with respect to inflation.

  • Balanced - The majority of IAIC portfolios are classified as balanced with equities ranging from 30% to 70% of the portfolio value. The balanced portfolio is suited for conservative clients who also seek moderate growth.

  • Growth - Growth portfolios are those with more than 70% of the value invested in equities. They are suited for clients who are more comfortable with market risk and desire more substantive growth over the long term.
  • Retirement Planning
    Canadians are living longer, healthier and more active lives which suggests that your financial needs may extend twenty or twenty-five years beyond retirement. Retirement planning has therefore become critical for individuals so that they can accumulate sufficient assets to secure an enjoyable retirement lifestyle.

    At Kendall Sinclair & Partners Financial Services Inc. we work with you to determine your retirement needs and goals and to develop and implement a tax-efficient plan to accomplish these goals.

    Estate Planning
    Estate planning involves the preservation and protection of your assets to ensure that your beneficiaries receive as much as possible with minimum tax liability.

    We work closely with your accountant and lawyer to ensure that your estate plan will be implemented properly, ensuring flexibility with minimum taxation. Tax effective use of family trusts can save substantial income taxes. Probate fees can also be minimized.